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Your Better Life Tools

Using our combination of offerings, you can design a life you truly love.

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Better Life Planner

The Better Life Planner is more than just a day planner. It's a tool for anyone and everyone to set their goals, stay organized and maintain a positive mindset! We offer two editions every year with ever-improving features.

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Academic & Life Coaching

Natasha offers academic and life coaching on any topic you're seeking. Through Better Life coaching, Natasha will help you uncover your blind spots so you can deal with every situation powerfully. Get your free consultation! 

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Speaking Engagements

Wellness at work is becoming more of a priority as people see the impact it has on staff, achieving objectives and the overall bottom line. Natasha will design a custom keynote or workshop catered to your specific culture and needs.

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Kickstarter Success!

Thank you to everyone who supported Better Life Project in exceeding the $5,000 funding goal for the Better Life Planner: Student Success Edition 2017–2018!

You can now buy your Better Life Planner via the online store.

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What Better Lifers Are Saying

In the past, I’ve struggled with time management skills and positive thinking. As a high school student, I would wait until the last minute to finish assignments or study for tests. I would look at any mark that was below 100 as a failure, and would be angry at myself for my near-but-not-quite perfect result. Once I graduated, I realized I would need to change my poor habits that I had formed over the course of my high school career.

That was when I started my coaching sessions with Natasha. She would help me develop time management skills, starting with simple tasks, like properly using my planner, or developing (and following) study schedules. She also helped me celebrate my results on evaluations, allowing me to realize that I am good at what I do. She allowed me to think positively about my results in university.

I would not be able to succeed in university without Natasha. The skills she’s helped me develop are so necessary, and I don’t know where I would be without her.
— Brooke, Software Engineering Student
My favourite feature of the Better Life Planner is the daily gratitude. One of my new years’ resolutions is to be more positive, and so every day, even if it wasn’t a great day, I sit and reflect on the day and think of one thing that made me happy.
— Erica, Commerce Student
Natasha is a caring, compassionate, and loving soul. She always holds a space of non-judgment, allowing me to comfortably express myself and explore my thoughts, feelings, and desires in a deeper and more meaningful way. Her ability to hold me to my highest self in a supportive and loving environment allows me to do what I want to do in my life and be the person I want to be.
— Christa, Commerce Student