About Better Life Project

Better Life Project trains employees of medium to large organizations on energy management and organization. We recognize that it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day work tasks and become over stretched as company goals require more time and energy from their staff. Company growth often creates an increase in workload that’s disproportionate to the number of staff who fulfill on those goals. Employees stress levels are rising, sick leaves are increasing and productivity levels are dropping off dramatically. The easiest thing to forego is replenishing yourself and your energy when your workload increases, yet we know that’s what makes the biggest difference in performance. When we offset the tasks that deplete our energy with things that fuel us and bring us joy, we have more energy available for the demanding tasks at work and in life.

Natasha Nesrine, founder of Better Life Project, designs customized workshops and training for organizations that want:

  • Happier, more energized employees

  • A reduction in stress and sick leave

  • An increased sense of community among staff

  • A stronger sense of focus on what’s important and impactful

  • Better organization of tasks, procedures and goals to fulfill on company objectives

Our History

Better Life Project was co-founded by two University graduates (and high school friends), Natasha and Erin. Though the two of them built the company, it would be nothing without the support of their friends, family, mentors, customers and collaborators. Better Life Project's mission is to empower individuals in all walks of life to achieve their day-to-day, weekly, yearly, and lifetime goals through a game-changing combination of tools.

Better Life Project was created when Natasha and Erin decided to work on a creative project together. When deciding what the project would be, they realized that neither of them had ever found a day planner that incorporated all of the features that would support the life they lived, or wanted to live. So every week they met over coffee to work on what soon became the Better Life Planner, a day planner that incorporates the tools to have you well on your way to being a high performer in all areas of your Better Life. The planner was designed by Erin, owner of Erin Rachel Designs, incorporating tools within it that were inspired by Natasha's teaching career at Ryerson University.

While this started out as a hobby project, they realized it would be so much more meaningful to get this powerful tool into more hands. At that point Better Life Project was born, the first ever Better Life Planner was a hit and along the way the company had a successful Kickstarter campaign! Now owned solely by Natasha, the company's main offering is her next level academic and life coaching. Book your complimentary coaching session with Natasha today!