Giving Up the Struggle for 24/7 Productivity

In a society where our minds, hands and ears feel the constant urge to keep busy, a skill that's hard to come by is tuning out, being still and, well... just being.

Between work, media, the constant alerts and notifications from our mobile devices and the mindless social media scroll, there's no rest!

One evening a couple weeks ago, I was enjoying some quality time with my boyfriend, laying down and listening to the rain on the window together. I was at war with my inner voice about how long I should allow myself to enjoy this luxury, thinking I should get up and do something productive like check my emails or do the dishes.

Finally, my inner voice and I arrived at a decision: that it was okay for me to continue enjoying this moment, GUILT-FREE, because I had a full workday, I gave 100%, and I deserved this moment. Once I granted myself the permission I needed, I joined my boyfriend in an hour long nap (he was asleep while this whole inner debate was happening — he's already mastered this skill). I fell asleep almost immediately, so clearly my body needed it — and I'm so glad I listened!

It was a really beautiful and relaxing experience, and it made me realize that years from now when I look back on my life I'm not going to think "I'm so grateful that I checked everything off my to-do list every day." Rather, I'm going to think "I'm so grateful that I truly lived my life by spending time with the people I care about, and enjoying the little moments — free of distractions and guilt."

So every day I challenge you to practice just being, even if it's just for 30 minutes. Listen to your intuition and your body on what you really need and then fulfill on that, instead of the relentless to-do list. Make time to do the things that truly bring you joy!

With love,