Daily Gratitude: My Better Life Planner 2017

This post was kindly written by Erica Vezina, a student at Ryerson University.

As someone who gets excited over the idea of organization, to-do lists, and spring cleaning, you can imagine the giddy feeling I had when I opened the Better Life Planner 2017, which I got as a gift from my boyfriend for Christmas. Eager to start a new year of organizing my days, thoughts, and goals, I flipped through the planner—only to notice that this isn't your average planner. It's day-to-day agenda style would make it that much easier for me to plan my days, right down to the hour.

I loved seeing a space for weekly and daily to do's, and the pages to map out my top five goals for the year only made me more motivated to achieve them. My favourite part of all, however, is the space below each day's agenda, for "My Daily Gratitude." This is the space where I reflect upon my day and think about something that made me happy.

As someone who grew up with anxiety, thinking positive was never an easy thing for me to do. One of my New Years Resolutions is to think more positively and avoid only focusing on the negatives in any situation. I knew this would help me, and I look forward to sitting in bed at the end of the day to reflect on all the wonderful things that have happened. I choose my favourite part of the day and write it down—and it can be as simple as "Starbucks had my favourite coffee blend brewing at school today."

When I'm in a bad mood, I always turn to my planner and read my past Daily Gratitudes. These are the things that make me smile. These are the things that make my day a little bit—or a whole lot— better. I'd always heard of people writing down the things that made them happy throughout their day, and how it helped to elevate their mood and make them more positive overall, but I never believed it until I tried it.

The Daily Gratitudes, quotes each week, and the positive energy from both lovely creators of this planner—the authors Natasha and Erin—have truly helped me change my mindset to more be happy, positive and carefree. I love to smile. I love to laugh. I love to do things to make myself and others happy. My Better Life Planner has not only helped shape my schedule, but also my outlook on life.