Natasha Nesrine is known for her engaging enthusiasm and thought-provoking conversations. Her messages pinpoint growth areas and allow people to laugh at their humanness. She facilitates the process for groups to carve their unique path forward. Audiences reflect on who they have become as individuals and are guided to intentionally design their futures.

Types of Speaking Engagements

  • Workshops (wellness, team building, organization, goal-setting, & more — refer below)

  • Keynote speeches

  • Team meeting facilitations

  • Group coaching sessions

  • Teaching classes

Portfolio of Speaking Engagements



OPSEU Employees at Ryerson University deepened their connection to each other, reduced stress levels and took away practical strategies to sustain these wellness practices.

Below is an outline of the custom workshop series:

|1| Living a Life of Fulfillment • Discovering & defining your 
values. What activities in your 
life support/contradict these?

|2 & 3| Energy Management Part 1 & 2 • Designing your day to support you & 
what’s most important to you.

|4| Creating Community • Creating a family at work starts with empathy. We were 
not designed to live in isolation and 
we cannot have big impact alone.

|5| The Art of Reframing • Feeling stuck is part of the human experience. We end up stuck in a perspective & often feel like we 
lack the freedom to choose our 
reality. Discover what's stopping 
you and step into a perspective 
that allows you to act powerfully.

|6| Reflection & Sustainability • Understanding your humanness 
then building and solidifying habits 
to sustain a life of fulfilment.



Natasha was the opening speaker at the 2018 Connect Women Conference.

Over 250 women reflected on the joyful, neutral, and frustrating parts of their lives to determine an action plan towards attaining more life balance, peace and over satisfaction. Natasha’s material had the audience get very real, very fast. She set the stage for women to authentically connect with each other and use the information from speakers to follow in a more meaningful way. Attendees were all given a custom conference takeaways notebook designed by Natasha to capture key takeaways, determine new actions to forward their goals, etc.